How Blue-collar Workers are Breaking into White-collar Jobs | Ep 023

Ever think about the side effects your job will have on Future You? Be it physically or psychologically, the drawbacks of blue-collar jobs have workers asking themselves: “How long can I keep this up?”

But what if you could earn more money with less labor, and do it all from the comforts of your own home? Or even better, what if you could spend paid time off with your family and enjoy vacations together?

Join us as Hugh RichardsonCarrick Harp, and Jared McCarty share how they got certified as Salesforce administrators with almost no background experience, and how they’re enjoying the benefits of their jobs now.

Handy Timestamps

6:05: What made Hugh, Carrick, and Jared decide to go into blue-collar work?

12:25:  How their skills helped them pivot to Salesforce careers.

13:28: There aren’t a lot of jobs that let you work from your living room couch, but Salesforce is one of them! The panelists discuss the demands of their old and new jobs.

17:00:  How did they hear about Salesforce, and how would other blue-collar workers hear about it?

25:55: We all know manual labor isn’t easy. Our guests share the tolls working blue-collar took on their mental and physical health, and how it pushed them to switch out their careers.

37:50: Let’s talk about money. How do the salaries in manual labor compare to Salesforce salaries, and where do they level out?

31:00: Hugh, Carrick, and Jared share some of the surprising benefits their new careers have brought them.

35:40: Finally, our guests explain what the interview process was like for them.

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