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Do you have interview tips that you wish everyone knew?! 


Calling all #Salesforce Professionals 📣📣  We want to help spread the word! So we polled the Talent Stacker Community. Here is what they said: 


Make sure that you have proper lighting. {Raymond Gutierrez}


Making the interview a conversation instead of a boring Q&A. Also, storytelling. Everyone enjoys a good story. {Ann-Marie Chilton}


Prepare before the interview with some meditation! {Alex Ramos}


Write down 2-3 questions to ask beforehand. {Avery Vogt}


Don’t be nervous, you are interviewing the company also to see if they are a good fit for you 😊 {Chanta Anderson}


Use a power pose before the interview! And, if they didn’t already like you, there wouldn’t be an interview. {Andreanna Tuten}


Don’t go into the interview feeling like you are trying to win a job. You are trying to find a company and work environment that fits you. {Derek Linn}


Preparation is key. 🔑 Make sure to thoroughly review company you’re interviewing for 🧐. {David Jacquez}


Make sure speak clearly and confidently. Realize if you need to slow down. Pausing before speaking can help you understand the question more. {Trent Bacon}


Don’t be afraid of telling your story… remember that you are dealing with people like you too and it’s important that you show yourself relatable…”we admire a character for trying more than their successes”… Episode 6 of Salesforce for everyone podcast is a gold mine. {Edinson Moreno Ramos}


Random: know a clean joke. I heard a friend was once asked to tell a joke. I’m sure there was a lot that could be gleaned from how a person tells a joke and what joke they tell – but actually coming prepared to tell a good clean joke isn’t something most people expect 😂.  {Wendy Miller}


Relax and turn it into a conversation like you’re talking to a friend. {Larry Lee}


Eye contact. Maintain eye contact when speaking and listening. It shows confidence and that you’re actively engaged. {Jacob Black}


I had a great mock interview with Justin Dux and learned that I need to talk a lot slower! When I get nervous, I talk fast. By slowing down, it gives me more time to think about what to say, I don’t have to say as much, and I come across as more confident and credible. I can’t recommend a mock interview enough! Really helpful experience. {Becca Davis}


Be personable. I’ve noticed the more personable I am, the better I feel the interview goes, even if I don’t get the job afterwards. If I can be confident and smile and make the interviewer feel more at ease by making them laugh appropriately, the interview feels more comfortable. People want to hire people that they can get along with. {Brett Van Wagner}


Be prepared with questions YOU want to ask. {Jessica Wallace}


Do your research about the company before the interview! 🤓 {Alexandra Bowers}


Be your true authentic self and let your personality shine through in an interview. Salesforce can be taught but what can’t be taught is being coachable, having a learner’s mindset, great communication skills, and passion for what you do. This is when your soft skills can be of a benefit to see how well you work with others and fit in the work environment. {Noelle Peele}


Have at least a personal project to talk about in the interview; sort of like a case study. {Michelle Pepe}


Always have stories to tell about your experience as it pertains to the position and what makes you special! {Andrew Simons}


Be confident, look in straight into the camera, sit up straight and don’t fidget. {David Stewart}


Practice in front of mirror, take your own video. Have 1-2 questions to asked. If you are lacking in any skill just be fair to answer with confident that you are ready to learn and improve on it. {Meena K.}


My #1 tip that I always recommend and share with those I mentor is to be natural. When talking about yourself don’t recite your resume as the interviewer already has seen it and most likely has it with them. Show them your personality and the “person” behind the resume. I have always heard that people want to work with others that they like. As such showing the real you and letting that show in an interview could be a difference maker. It what has always worked for me. {Timothy Trewin}


Practice with a mock interview. It may be a simulation, but the more times you practice with real-time feedback the better. {Eric Alldritt}


Look directly into the camera throughout the interview. If you tend to forget, put something on your camera that will remind you to keep your attention there. I use a sticky note with an arrow on it to remind me to look at the camera. {Nancy Kolodziej}


The fun challenge is being able to mold the interview into a conversation within a relatively short amount of time. That will help ease the tension and anxiety with a more natural flow as opposed to a robotic ping-pong exchange of words. And it builds better rapport! {Van Nguyen}


My #1 interview tip would be to research the company interested in you. Show how your strengths and transferable job skills can add value to their line of business. {Nathan J. Bunting}


Interviews are all about story telling – so have your “stories” ready to go! This especially comes in handy with those scenario-based questions. Have stories that can fit multiple scenarios! {Supaphen Niroula}


Be yourself and present yourself with confidence. Be prepared with examples of your work and consider this is an opportunity to learn and focus on your skills. {Atchyutha N}


Remember the interview is a two way street – you should be learning and evaluating then add much as they are you. Make it a conversation not an interrogation. {Victoria Seward}


Build your relationships way before and show your work ethics, love for learning, love for teaching others what you learned, how you celebrate your wins and those of others, and how you are as a team player. This means, while you are striving to improve your LI posts and interactions, make sure your target audience (future coworkers/manager/employer/recruiters) are in your network. Remember that they do check your LI profile right before they interview you: what’s in your Featured? Activities? Posts? While they will come with canned questions, they will have a preconceived notion of you based on what they see on your profile if they don’t know you well yet. If they do know you already and checked out your profile already, and then they reached out to you, have that CONVERSATION pretty much like getting to know you stage in dating and be authentic. {Lory Tibbetts}


Remember they are probably nervous about interviewing YOU also so take a deep breath and relax. Try to make it conversational and post a sticky note on your screen so you know where to look so they feel you are making eye contact! {Jana Walker}


My #1 interview tip would be to prepare answers for those typical questions, like tell us about a challenge that you were able to overcome etc. Rehearsing common answers will free up your brain and nerves for the more challenging questions. {Scott Morgan}


My two cents would be coming to an interview with the energy and level of communication you want to display you’ll put forth toward a future employer. One great way to do this is to have questions for the employer throughout/at the end of the interview session. {Tyler Golde}


I had a great mock interview experience with Anthony Scrima. One of the best tip I got out of it was giving specific examples rather than giving general answers. {Kubra Yalcin}


Answer what you think and not what you think they want to hear. Be yourself and not someone else. {Christopher Lassiter}


I would say try to relax. It can be an overwhelming experience and if you can’t relax you won’t make a good impression and they will see that. {Rogayyah Mohamad}


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