You Got The Offer! Now How Much To Get Paid? | Ep 008

Congratulations! You’ve done everything right, such as:

  • getting your first Salesforce certification (episode 003)
  • polishing up your personal branding and network engagement on LinkedIn (episode 004)
  • getting some solid hands-on experience so stand out from the competition (episode 005)
  • preparing your story so you ace your interview (episode 006)
  • finding the opportunities to apply for, including cracking the Hidden Job Market. 

Now you’ve been selected as the top candidate and presented an offer. Do you take it? Or do you ask for more?

Anita and Bradley walk you through some essential things you need to consider in this stage of becoming a Salesforce professional.

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Handy Timestamps:

3:03: So you got the offer! Here’s what’s next.

6:43: Here are some reasons to take the offer with minimal negotiation, including the strong likelihood of getting $10k or more within half a year.

11:18: But if you are coming from a place of strength, here are some reasons for negotiating. Sure, more money is great, but here are some non-monetary things to ask for too.

17:28: Thinking of holding out for an extra additional $5,000? If you are coming from a position of relative weakness, you need to listen to how Anita and Brad break it down.

27:12: If this is your first Salesforce job, take the offer and buckle up for the supercharged trajectory that is the Salesforce professional’s paycheck within 6 months.

34:57: A preview of next episode.

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