Why teachers are switching to Salesforce careers | Ep 021

In this episode, we turn our attention to teachers and school administrators who decided to pivot into new Salesforce careers. The biggest takeaways? More autonomy, more flexibility over time, and the ability to work from home. Oh, and better pay and benefits never hurt!

Join us as Brandon Van Galder,  Lindsey Giles, Jesse Nguyen, Jaime Jarosz, and Kim Kennedy share why they left their careers in education to become Salesforce professionals, and why they are never looking back

If you are still in education, or maybe someone you know still is, this is one episode not to be missed!

Handy Timestamps

4:20: How the educators on our panel decide on becoming Salesforce professionals.

12:55:  The panelists share the pay and benefits that they are now earning. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot more than what they earned as teachers!

18:05: Teachers have some of best transferable skills when they pivot into Salesforce careers. Here’s why so many are succeeding in their new tech careers.

23:20:  What issues the educators were facing in their previous roles, and how that was adding to the grind and burnout.

28:45: The panelists discuss some of the things they love the most about their new careers.

33:10: What does the future of education look like if the good teachers leave for better paying jobs with great control of their time?

35:50: The panelists share some advice to other teachers who still grappling with burnout and wondering what to do about it.

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