Welcome to Series 2! | Ep 016

If you want to be inspired by and to replicate the success of people who made successful career pivots into Salesforce, you are going to love Series 2 of the show.

From healthcare providers and educators, to blue collar workers and veterans, we celebrate every single win on the show.

We even have stay-home parents who have decided to go back to work, despite not having worked for a long time. Some of our guests are crushing Salesforce careers even though they do not have 4-year degrees.

When we say Salesforce is for everyone, we MEAN it, and our guests in this series prove it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

We almost wanted to call it the “How They Did It and How You Can Too” series, but thought twice since we will also have plenty of great Q&A episodes.

To ask your own questions, hit us up on LinkedIn, our Facebook Group, email at [email protected], and new for us, via voicemail at talentstacker.com/voicemail.

Handy Timestamps:

01:30: Update on what Brad and Anita have been up to since Series 1. TL:DR: Anita got a bunch of professional certifications that will earn her more pay, and Brad moved to Houston.

4:40: An update on how well the podcast has done. Thanks to you, the listener, we’re even beating podcasts made by Salesforce.

6:50: A look back to the topics covered in Series 1 that will help anyone go from zero to Salesforce hero in weeks.

8:20: A preview of topics in Series 2, driven by listener feedback. We are leaning into success stories of those who took what we discussed in Series 1 and applied consistent effort and earning their new Salesforce careers. Some of the topics:
30:40: How to get a Salesforce job using only free resources.

32:00: How to drive where we go with this show by sending us your feedback and questions.

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