Unlock Financial Freedom With A Salesforce Career | Ep 001

Welcome to the first episode of the Salesforce For Everyone Podcast! Hosts Bradley Rice and Anita Smith discuss how a Salesforce career can be the launchpad to financial independence for most people, even if they do not have a college degree or tech experience. They show why they aren’t kidding when they say Salesforce is for everyone!

Handy Timestamps

3:11: How Salesforce let Bradley have it all: be there for his new daughter, while earning a 6-figure income working 20 hours a week.

5:46: Wait … what the heck is Salesforce anyway?

8:49: Why Salesforce professionals get paid so much, even without college or tech experience.

11:16: The ridiculous salary rocket engine that every Salesforce pro enjoys.

12:36: Why Financial Independence and a new Salesforce career are the ultimate unlock to living your best life.

18:24: Why community is such an important piece of success with a Salesforce career.

21:39: Turning the best practices from the community into a replicable free resource for everyone.

24:39: Check out the cheat sheet topics we’ll cover in the next few episodes.

26:31: A preview of the next episode.

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