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We’ve helped more than 1,000 pivot into a new $60-$80,000  career in 6 months or less. No tech experience or college needed.

This free podcast will give you step-by-step actionable tips to help you win back your financial independence!

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If you’re looking to secure your financial independence with a high-paying job, without sacrificing your freedom today, this podcast is for you.

 Tune in for actionable tips, tactics, and inspiration to find and secure your new career, on your terms, in 6 months or less on your way to your financial independence.


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Understanding the Journey of the Salesforce Developer | Ep 049

Whether you’re considering an admin-to-developer path or you’re dead-set on jumping straight in, knowing where to start among the endless tutorials and how-to guides is tricky for Salesforce Developers-to-be. Enter: our special guest, Warren Walters! This 18x certified Salesforce MVP

How to get FREE Salesforce Mentorship | Ep 048

Looking for a mentor but don’t know where to start? Already have one, but aren’t sure what to do next? No matter where you are in your mentorship journey, we can probably help you out!  Today we’re joined by Stephanie

The Art of Optimization: Our Top Work Hacks | Ep 045

We’ve all been there: you’re about to hop on camera, only to realize that your hair is going in three different directions and your background is far from flattering. Or, those inevitable “quick calls” and back-and-forth emails are eating up

Side Gig Success as a Salesforce Freelancer | Ep 044

Ever wanted to go independent in your Salesforce career? In this week’s episode, we’re excited to have our special guest Elijah Green IV on the show as we delve into the world of Salesforce freelancing, also known as independent consulting.

Maximizing Your Career Acceleration | Ep 041

Imagine you’ve been a Salesforce professional for several years now. You’ve made remarkable progress since getting hired and are killing it at work, but that big raise or promotion you’ve been patiently waiting for is starting to feel like wishful

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