Trailheads and Certifications aren’t enough to land a job | Ep 003

In this episode of the show, hosts Bradley Rice and Anita Smith take you on the next logical step in the journey to a new Salesforce job: Getting your first Salesforce certification.

This is a significant step, one that will boost your chance of getting to #JobLanded by more than 85%, and you’ll find out how to earn your certification in the fastest and simplest way possible!

Handy Timestamps

1:50: Why Certification is the gateway to a new Salesforce Career.

4:13: How to use Trailhead to study for your Certification

7:39: Find Trailhead too overwhelming? Here’s a fix for that.

12:36: How long would it actually take to go through Trailhead and earn your first Salesforce Certification?

14:45: 2 advanced tips to stack the odds of getting Certified.

17:12: Congrats! You got certified! Now what?

21:09: What is the Hidden Job Market, and how do you unlock that?

22:45: What else do you need to do to get to #JobLanded?

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