There Are No Jobs Available? Think again! | Ep 007

In this episode, Anita and Brad bust another major misconception: that there are no Salesforce jobs available. 


There is a major disconnect here, especially when recruiters and employers are consistently lamenting the fact they can’t seem to hire Salesforce professionals quickly enough.


Tune in to find out how Talent Stackers can crack the code and plug the job search gap! 

Handy Timestamps:

2:16: Here’s why so many people mistakenly think that there are no Salesforce jobs available.

4:31: Don’t let cut-and-paste job descriptions deter you from applying. These are often wishlists that the hiring company will not be able to fill due to the demand for Salesforce professionals.

8:30: Many companies are still learning that their unrealistic job descriptions aren’t cutting it in today’s job market. In the meantime, here’s how to stay on their radar until reality bites their futile hiring efforts.

13:04: Here’s another myth we need to bust. People think that getting a certification entitles them to a job. On the contrary, that’s just the price of admission!

18:08: Imposter syndrome: we all feel it sometime. Here’s how to dispell yours when looking for a Salesforce job.

21:51: Another tip: don’t just look for opportunities in your city or state! Cast a wider net!

24:48: Find out how many job applications is too many.

27:05: If you are in a niche industry, you have an extra edge landing your first Salesforce job.

29:37: Not every job vacancy is going to be posted – 1 out of 3 people get recruited within The Hidden Job Market. Here’s how to optimize for that.

37:26 A preview of next episode.

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