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Are you currently a high school student looking at different career path options? Maybe college doesn’t look to be a feasible avenue? You have come to the right place!

As one of the most in-demand skillsets out there, a Salesforce career can provide a good alternative for students looking to save on college expenses and jump into a rewarding and lucrative career today. We invite you to check out the important resources below to learn more.

Hear from others just like you!

Listen to stories from students who made the decision to pursue a Salesforce career and how they successfully navigated their journey.

Skill Up Today!

Since this might be your first exploration into the workforce, you might be wondering where to get started – how to learn about Salesforce, prepare your resume, and nail job interviews. We recommend starting with the following important steps: 

Your Questions Answered

If you are not sure college is for you or you just want to add some skills to your talent stack alongside college – a Salesforce Career might be the answer you are looking for!  You can even get started while you are in high school and really be prepared to have options on graduation day! In the videos above, we answer some of your most pressing questions: 


  • Is Salesforce a viable option for individuals unsure if college is for them?
  • How repeatable is this path for other young adults?
  • How do you find balance between school, family, friends and Salesforce?
  • How should parents and young adults be re-thinking the role college plays in the standard path?
  • And much more! 

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