Stealthy Steps to Polish Your LinkedIn Branding, and Other FAQs! | Ep 012

In the first of our Q&A series, Anita and Brad take questions from listeners who are still trying to figure out if a Salesforce career is for them.

For the specific questions we address in today’s episode, check out the Handy Timestamps below.  

In the following episodes, we will answer questions from listeners who are further along their own Salesforce journey! 

Handy Timestamps:

2:35: What are the basic compatible gear and computer systems I’ll need to start pursuring a Salesforce career?

5:15: How many hours should I study every day to pass the Salesforce Administrator exam?

7:45: Do I need to take notes while I’m studying.

10:30: I don’t have a tech background or specialized college degree. Can this work for me?

12:20: How do I vet the companies I will be interviewing for?

16:50: Are Salesforce positions full-time, or are they just contract roles?

22:55: I hear so much about the Salesforce Administrator Certification. But is that the job I would actually be applying for?

24:24: I’ve heard that Salesforce Administrator jobs are going away? Is that true, and should I become a Salesforce Developer instead?

30:15: What are some of the stealthy steps I can take so that my boss or co-coworkers don’t see all the profile and branding changes I am making on LinkedIn?

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