Slay imposter syndrome, disarm pre-interview jitters, and other helpful Q&As! | Ep 019

We’re back with our first Q&A episode of Series 2, and do we have a great slate of your questions lined up!

These include several questions that were sent in from voicemails. If you would like your voice to be on the show, record your own question at

For the specific questions we address in today’s episode, check out the Handy Timestamps below.

Handy Timestamps:

2:05: We’ve all felt it – those anxious moments just before an interview. We think these tips will help ease this listener’s mind and help with their job search.

10:07: One monitor or two? Standing desk or not? This next listener would like some options for setting up a home office for success. We deliver.

19:10: How do you actually know whether you are good enough to hold a Salesforce job? We help this listener disarm imposter syndrome.

24:00: Not certified but want to start the job search and impress recruiters and hiring managers? We help a listener put their best foot forward.

30:20 and 34:50: We wrap up with questions from two people in their 40s and 50s wanting to find out what obstacles they may face. Spoiler alert: the answer is NOT “you are too old”!!

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