Should I Give Up if I Fail the Salesforce Administration Exam, and other FAQs | Ep 014

If you have already thrown your hat into the ring and are striving towards a Salesforce job, this episode is for you.

Anita and Brad move on to listener questions to help people who have started working on their Salesforce certifications, applying for jobs, and lining up their first interviews.

For the specific questions we address in today’s episode, check out the Handy Timestamps below.  

Handy Timestamps:

2:30: If I used Salesforce as an end user previously, can I put that down as hands-on experience?

8:30: What do I do if I’m told I don’t have enough experience during Salesforce job interviews?

13:00: I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs with little traction. Are you sure they’re still hiring?

17:05: All of the job postings say 2-3 years job experience or college degree are needed. Some even ask for multiple certifications. How do I handle this?

23:45: I failed the administration exam, so what do I do now? Should I give up?

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