Settle your salary, strike a work-life balance, and more great Q&As! | Ep 026

In today’s Q&A session, Anita and Brad help listeners set salary expectations for themselves and their interviewers in order to establish more realistic goals. They also discuss the different admin roles that can give listeners more time to spend with their kids and dedicate more hours to other responsibilities.

For the specific questions we address in today’s episode, check out the Handy Timestamps below.

Handy Timestamps

2:30: How do I set salary expectations during interviews?

6:10: How do Salesforce salary ranges differ from country to country?

9:45: How do I navigate the Salesforce ecosystem, and what are the differences between the main roles?

15:10: What does work-life balance look like for different admin roles, and how can I set personal boundaries to prevent burnout?

23:35: Is it possible to work full-time in Salesforce while traveling in an RV?

30:45: How quickly can I expect to hit $100k or more?

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