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Stay At Home Parents

Are you currently a stay at home parent looking to jump back into the workforce but don’t really know where to start? It can be a scary transition, but we are here to help! 

Skilling up for a Salesforce career can be a great and affordable option for stay at home parents who need flexibility and efficiency in their next role. We invite you to check out the important resources below to learn more. 

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Listen to stories from stay at home parents who made the decision to pursue a Salesforce career and how they successfully navigated their journey.

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This might be your first time jumping back into the workforce after several years away and you might be wondering where to get started – how to learn about Salesforce, prepare your resume, and nail job interviews. We recommend starting with the following important steps: 

Your Questions Answered

Do I need a degree or previous experience in the tech industry to begin working towards a Salesforce career?

No degree required! Many enter the Salesforce ecosystem successfully making $65k-$85k with the Salesforce Administrator Certification. All of the materials to understand how to configure Salesforce and pass the certification credential can be found for free on Salesforce’s online learning platform – Trailhead! 


How can I find time to study for my Salesforce Certification Exam while also managing my household?

Life can definitely be unpredictable with constant interruptions and distractions! We recommend making a game plan and setting aside a set time everyday to study. Even a consistent 1-2 hours a day can really add up over time. Also remember, that everyone’s journey is different, people will take this path at the pace they need. Sometimes life happens and you need to take a break and come back – that is completely okay! 


What is the work life balance working as a Salesforce Professional?

Many companies have a, “as long as the work gets done, set your hours” type of policy. You truly can live a life by design, and still help people, where you don’t have to burn yourself out working 60+ hours a week. 

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