Resumes are so last year | Ep 004

In this episode, hosts Bradley Rice and Anita Smith destroy a trite job-hunting advice that does more harm than good. Then they discuss:

  • how you can use personal branding to get Salesforce job recruiters to come to you,
  • how LinkedIn is the best platform for recruiters to discover you,
  • some proven actionable items to you get to #JobLanded in less time and with less angst

Handy Timestamps:

2:31: Why Personal Branding is the secret sauce for landing a new Salesforce job from Day Zero.

4:55: How to use LinkedIn to remake your Personal Brand, and draw recruiters in.

7:18: If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you’re turning your back on your next Salesforce Job.

10:12: Tips you can use now make your LinkedIn profile pop and shout #HireMe

19:55: How LinkedIn is also your source for connecting with the people who will help you succeed.

28:01: Why taking a proven path will get you the job in less time and with less angst.

33:48: Next level actionable LinkedIn tips to get recruiters to reach out.

39:58: A preview of next episode.

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