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While community-based work can be a very rewarding career, it can also be a difficult one to maintain long term. High stress, job instability, and lack of work life balance can all lead to burnout and the need to explore a new path. 

Your skills and experience as a Non-Profit professional make you a great fit for a Salesforce career. We invite you to check out the important resources below to learn more.

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Check out how some of our Talent Stacker Members translated their previous experience from the Non-Profit sector to their Salesforce Career! 


  • Communication & Stakeholder Engagement: Developed external partnerships to deliver programming, research projects, and support community development. 
  • Data Management and Insights: Managed finances and diversified funding sources to meet budget targets for new projects. 
  • End User Training: Recruited, trained, and supervised interns and program support staff.
  • Program Management: Utilized Content Management System (CMS) to oversee organizational program offerings, outreach and marketing campaigns, and donor gifts. 
  • Industry Knowledge: Implemented and evaluated strategic programmatic, administrative, and fundraising priorities.

Your Questions Answered

Will I find a career in Salesforce as enjoyable and/or fulfilling as I do in the Non-Profit sector?

During your career, have you ever been bogged down by hundreds of spreadsheets or inefficient systems? Has this impacted the work your Non-Profit organization is doing to serve the community? Salesforce and other programs like it can play a huge role in making Non-Profits more efficient and better able to serve their communities. With your industry knowledge, you are the perfect person to help these groups make this transition. 


Do I need a degree or previous experience in the tech industry to begin working towards a Salesforce career?

No degree required! Many enter the Salesforce ecosystem successfully making $65k-$85k with the Salesforce Administrator Certification. All of the materials to understand how to configure Salesforce and pass the certification credential can be found for free on Salesforce’s online learning platform – Trailhead! 


What is the work life balance difference between working in a Non-Profit role versus working in a Salesforce role?

Many companies have a, “as long as the work gets done, set your hours” type of policy. You truly can live a life by design, and still help people, where you don’t have to burn yourself out working 60+ hours a week. 


How can I manage to be visible to Salesforce recruiters and hiring managers coming from the Non-Profit sector?

As a Non-Profit professional you have a wide array of essential skills – project management, stakeholder engagement, knowledge of the Non-Profit sector, and more. Though these might not be seen as “technical skills,” they are just as important in succeeding in the Salesforce ecosystem. Focus on your strengths – you bring more to the table than you know!

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Former Non-Profit Executive

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Former Non-Profit Administrator

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Former Non-Profit Executive

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