No Program? No Problem! How to DIY it with Free Resources | Ep 029

As you’ve probably noticed, most of our guests so far have been alumni from the Talent Stacker Program. And while programs like Talent Stacker can be a huge help on your journey to Salesforce, it’s certainly not the only way to get there. For some, opting for the DIY path might be a more suitable choice – no costs, no coaches, you set the pace. But what does that look like, and how does it compare to following a program?

In this week’s episode,¬†Zach Bremer¬†shows us that you can go from having no background in tech to landing a Salesforce job in under a year with nothing but free resources and a lot of determination. Even if you don’t think the DIY route is for you, stick around for the handy tips and strategies we learn from him!

Handy Timestamps

4:05: What made our guest decide to go down the Salesforce path, and what it was like getting certified without a program.

6:35: Doing it yourself means getting through it without study groups. Zach shares how he kept himself accountable despite the workload.

9:10: These are some of the doubts Zach ran into when studying for his cert.

13:45: Zach reveals the not-so-secret weapons that helped him land a job in two months.

22:30: We learn some useful strategies to make yourself stand out in interviews.

30:30: How’s it going at work? Our guest tells us more about what his current work life is like.

37:45: When it comes to taking the DIY route, free resources are a must. Here are some of the ones Zach recommends.

39:20: After going through the entire process, Zach reflects on what he would have done differently.

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