Salesforce for Non-Profit Professionals: An Insider’s Guide | Ep 042

Attention all non-profit professionals! Feeling trapped in a career that doesn’t give you the support you need? Exhausted from long hours and financial worries?

The non-profit industry may have a reputation for being soft and fuzzy, but the truth is that it can be just as frustrating as any other field. After years of feeling unsatisfied in their line of work, Tracey Braun and Megan Malone-Franklin recognized the need for a change. Tune in to learn how their transition to Salesforce empowered them to work with non-profits on their own terms and leverage their background expertise as a pivotal force in their journey.

For an in-depth guide to interview prep and salary negotiations, be sure to check out Megan’s resource in the links and resources below!

Handy Timestamps

3:30: Tracey and Megan share what brought them to Salesforce.

7:45: Transferrable skills aren’t just valuable; they’re a top pick for employers. We discuss how the wide range of industries in Salesforce lets people like Tracey and Megan excel at what they do.

15:40: How do non-profit salaries differ from other sectors in Salesforce?

18:00: Our guests share whether their expectations line up with their experience switching to new careers.

27:20: What certifications did Tracey and Megan go after when pivoting?

28:30: Our guests offer guidance for those still in that uncertain transitory phase.

35:10: When you have a background in non-profit, you’re drawing from years of background experience. Here are some of the intangible skills you can build on that Salesforce won’t teach you.

41:00: Tracey and Megan share some final thoughts about their Salesforce journey.

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