Make your job app pop, wrangle study groups, and other Q&As! | Ep 022

In this episode, Anita and Brad share some tips with our listeners on how to prosper in the Salesforce community and turn their job applications into interview magnets.

For the specific questions we address in today’s episode, be sure to check out the Handy Timestamps below!

Handy Timestamps

2:30: Are bootcamps and launchpad programs worth it?

7:22:  How old is too old to start Salesforce, and can it be done part-time?

12:45: What is the right job search strategy, and how do I land an interview?

19:53: How can I find or put together my own study groups and team projects?

25:20: How young is too young to start working toward a Salesforce certification?

28:30: Does having a college degree affect your salary, and how valuable is it compared to a Salesforce certification?

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