Is the Salesforce job market already saturated, and more Q&As | Ep 013

We had so many questions in the last episode from people considering pivoting into a Salesforce career that we just had to do one more to help new people figure out their next steps.

For the specific questions we address in today’s episode, check out the Handy Timestamps below.

Don’t worry, the Q&As for people already started on their Salesforce journey, or who already have Salesforce jobs and are considering their next steps (like, more pay, or switching into freelancing) are coming!

Handy Timestamps

02:50: With so many individuals entering the Salesforce job space, won’t the market becomes saturated?

6:45: Are entry-level Salesforce jobs remote, and do they come with benefits?

9:20:For remote roles, are there pay differences based on a person’s location?

15:35: Can I land a job even without a Salesforce certification?
18:50: What are the titles of some of the most common entry-level roles?

22:15: What does a typical day look like as an entry-level Salesforce professional?

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