How to Quit a Toxic Job for More Family Time and Pay | Ep 011

What do you do when the career you have loved for 14 years stops loving you back, at the very moment you are needed even more by your family?

You make the leap and trade it in for another career, that’s what.

One that will give you control over your time while paying a lot more.

That’s precisely what Carly Myers did when she said goodbye to her career and identity as a physical therapist assistant.

In today’s episode, find out why she took the hard step of hanging up her scrubs to kick off a new career as a Salesforce admin.

Handy Timestamps

02:37: Why Carly wrestled with the idea of giving up her identity as a physical therapist assistant.

05:20: What made her consider a radically different career path?

06:54: Discover the surprise that made Carly kick her commitment to a Salesforce admin career into high gear.

13:03: Why the Hidden Job Market continues to be so powerful for new job seekers.

18:19: What are some of the transferable skills people with an existing career can bring with them into a new Salesforce role?

20:49: Carly breaks down how her new job has benefited her family’s financial outlook. Spoiler alert: the bonuses aren’t just parties and swag!

26:01: Carly reflects on why she wakes up looking forward to working with her new team.

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