How to Leave Healthcare to Thrive in a New Salesforce Career | Ep 018

The COVID pandemic was tough for many people, but it was especially difficult for those in healthcare. That said, it was still surprising to see so many people make successful transitions from healthcare into Salesforce.

We’ve seen EMTs, administrators, physical therapists, nurses, and even a doctor or two make the decision to leave not just a profession behind, but an identity that they have invested time, money, and tears into over years.

Join us as Lisa MayoCarly Meyers (back from Ep 11), Lory Tibbetts and Rafael Castillo share why they traded in their scrubs for a Salesforce career, and the very many ways they are thriving today.

Handy Timestamps

4:35: What made Lisa, Carly, Lory, and Rafael make the switch from healthcare to a Salesforce career?

11:10: What were some of the fears and uncertainty that they had to grapple with when they made the pivot?

17:10: How transferable were their skills from Healthcare?

21:55: What their lives are like today, versus the caregiver burnout they were facing back in healthcare.

26:35: Healthcare professionals are known for working long hours. How do their new Salesforce careers compare?

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