How Hot is the Salesforce Job Market? | Ep 002

In this episode, hosts Bradley Rice and Anita Smith map out, step-by-step, why the demand for Salesforce professionals is so hot, there is an ongoing talent war to snap up even those with just a few months of experience under their belt. They then make the case for why that demand will continue to remain red-hot well into the end of the decade, and share examples of the hundreds of people who have pivoted into a new Salesforce job, all without any tech experience or a big college bill.

Handy Timestamps

1:41: Why is there such a huge opportunity in Salesforce even if you’re starting from Day Zero?

5:00: Some numbers on the Salesforce job market from recruiting firm Mason Frank.

6:50: Why Salesforce professionals are the beneficiaries of a talent war.

7:55: How the talent war is an opportunity for Salesforce professionals to live their best life NOW.

14:42: Introducing Trailhead, Salesforce’s free self-paced, on-demand university.

16:13: Why demand for Salesforce, and Salesforce professionals, will continue to be strong.

18:25: How to succeed at a new Salesforce career, even without college.

20:52: Awesome success stories of everyday people who have landed new Salesforce jobs.

28:34: A preview of next episode.

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