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In light of the COVID pandemic and stagnant working conditions, many hospitality professionals are looking to transition into a new career that offers reduced stress, stability, and higher financial support.

From hotel management to tourism and restaurant services, if you are a hospitality professional looking for a change, we invite you to check out the important resources below.

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Transfer Your Skills

Check out how some of our Talent Stacker Members translated their previous experience from the Hospitality sector to their Salesforce Career! 

  • Relationship Building: Cultivated relationships with local operators, philanthropies and individuals to curate experiences in line with brand values. 
  • Project Management: Positioned resort as top property in the country by managing international industry relations, attending trade shows, training, sales calls, and leading educational trips. 
  • Business Analysis: Ongoing maintenance & management, including strategy/process improvement in order to fully utilize company inventory for improved margins.
  • Reporting: Continuing reporting and metrics around company revenue trends to allow educated business decisions to be made.
  • End User Training: Employee training to ensure proper operating procedures and client satisfaction are met.
  • Customer Service:  Partnered with PR firms and tourism boards to create custom trips for guests.

Your Questions Answered

As a hospitality professional, I am looking for work/life balance. Can I find that in a Salesforce career?

Many companies have a, “as long as the work gets done, set your hours” type of policy. You truly can live a life by design, and still help people, where you don’t have to burn yourself out working 60+ hours a week. 

How can I manage to be visible to Salesforce recruiters and hiring managers coming from the hospitality industry?

As a hospitality professional you have a wide array of essential skills – relationship building, customer service, problem solving, conflict management, and more. Though these might not be seen as “technical skills,” they are just as important in succeeding in the Salesforce ecosystem. Focus on your strengths – you bring more to the table than you know! 

Because of my background in hospitality, should I focus on Service Cloud or working for hospitality companies that use Salesforce?

Everyone must decide for themselves what they would like to pursue in the Salesforce ecosystem. While your skills and understanding of good customer service will make you a strong candidate to focus on Service Cloud, your essential skills are transferable and needed in any vertical or company.

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