Getting Hands-On Experience | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly | Ep 005

In this episode, we bring on Alex Warneke, our OG Talent Stacker to help us crack that age-old Catch-22 dilemma, where employers want people with experience, but how do you get experience if you are completely new?

The answer: getting some solid hands-on experience under your belt to help you stand out when it’s time for your job interview!

Handy Timestamps

2:55: Why hands-on experience is so important if you want to break into the Salesforce ecosystem.

5:22: What is an “Org” in the Salesforce context? We break it down.

8:34: Why having hands-on experience enriches your job interviews.

13:00: Some pitfalls to watch out for when working on a volunteer project.

16:34: How to find your own projects to get valuable hands-on experience.

20:18: If you are new and are thinking of skipping these projects, think again. Here’s why.

27:33: You’ve decided to volunteer with a non-profit for hands-on experience. Great! Here’s what’s next.

31:55: A preview of the next episode.

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