From Stay At Home Parents to High Paying Salesforce Careers in Under 6 Months | Ep 020

If you think you don’t have time or the energy to get into a new Salesforce career, you may draw some inspiration from the three Stay At Home Parents and their amazing Back To Work stories.

Thanks to the step-by-step, work-at-your-own-pace Talent Stacker program, Akemi Ono, Brandi Barnett, and Audrey Dye have gone from juggling children and pets to pulling down large paychecks while still have the time to be there for their kids.   

Along the way, they bust many myths about why Stay At Home Parents can’t possibly get a high-paying tech-adjacent Salesforce job. Some of these include:

  1. Employers are going to zoom in on the resume gap, and it would be too hard to account for those years away from a career.
  2. There are no transferable skills Stay At Home Parents can bring to a Salesforce role.
  3. You need a tech background to do the job.
  4. You need a 4-year degree to get the job.

This is one of our all-time favorite episodes, and we think it will be yours too!

Handy Timestamps

4:45: What was going through the minds of the stay home parents when they decided to go back to work, and, how they landed on Salesforce as their choice.

11:30: Why Salesforce truly is for everyone. If stay home parents can make the pivot into technical SF careers, where they are respected and making good money while having the flexibility for family.

14:10: what were some of the major shifts in the lives of their families, including their spouses, when they started making big paychecks?

17:10:Was the gap in their resumes an issue at all for them?

26:40: How did they juggle their schedules while they were going through the Talent Stacker program and getting their Salesforce certification?

29:10: The guests share how their Salesforce careers have given them the freedom to live their best lives, without having to compromise on family, themselves, travel, or finances.

35:30: Find out why, after a year under your belt as a Salesforce administrator, you get to flip the script and become the one interviewing prospective employers, rather than the other way round.

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