Side Gig Success as a Salesforce Freelancer | Ep 044

Ever wanted to go independent in your Salesforce career? In this week’s episode, we’re excited to have our special guest Elijah Green IV on the show as we delve into the world of Salesforce freelancing, also known as independent consulting. Join us as we share our experiences wrangling several side gigs at a time, the different elements involved in starting your own LLC, and the steps you can take to make this kind of life a reality.

Handy Timestamps

4:25: The first step to freelancing and independent consulting is getting clients. This is how Elijah did it.

8:10: Elijah shares his experience starting his own company.

9:00: Brad discusses why imposter syndrome can hold you back from starting an LLC.

11:40: Elijah talks about how he got into his main gig as a Salesforce Architect.

14:35: Brad shares his personal experience in contracting, as well as some of the common terms you’ll hear in this episode.

20:30: How does Elijah manage the workload, and what does he do with unwanted clients?

22:30: These are the top skills and qualities that serve Elijah in his career and life.

30:30: We share our favorite thing to splurge on and how it ties into financial freedom.

36:15: Elijah gives some pointers to anyone wanting to start down a similar path.

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