Day in the Life of a Salesforce Consultant | Ep 038

Think consulting is only for seasoned Salesforce pros? Think again!

For this week’s Salesforce career breakdown, we talk with Dave Massey (remember him from Episode 32?) to learn about his dive into consulting as his very first Salesforce role and how having a top-tier support system helped him skill up.

You’ll also get to hear why it’s so important to diversify your industry experience as well as some of the many companies you could work with as a consultant. This is how you become recession-proof, people!

Handy Timestamps

2:45: Dave talks about the start of his Salesforce career as a consultant.

4:30:A recap of the job application process! Remember, you can’t really overdo it here.

7:30: When it comes to consultancies, size does matter.

12:00: We get to hear how our guest learned the ropes of consulting with a few helping hands.

19:50: What is it that makes Salesforce jobs so secure? Brad and Dave discuss the beauty of diverse industry experience.

26:30: What are some of the challenges unique to Salesforce Consultants?

35:45: Dave shares how his experiences helped him form Get Force Certified.

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