Day in the Life of a Salesforce Business Analyst | Ep 037

Now that you have a good idea of what a Salesforce Administrator is (if you don’t, check out our last episode), it’s time to move on to our next role!

In this episode, we’re joined by Pei Mun Lim to give you a peek into the life of a Salesforce Business Analyst. We also discuss the specific skills and traits that make up an exceptional BA. Keep listening to learn why vacation planning and PB&J sandwiches can help you flourish in this role.

Be sure to check out Pei’s book Salesforce Discovery 101 here in the Links and Resources below!

Handy Timestamps

2:50: If you don’t already know who Pei is, here’s a little bit about her and the experience she has as a Salesforce professional.

5:00: Pei and Brad explain what people do in Discovery and why the work BAs do is so important.

12:15: How do Business Analysts fit into the network of other Salesforce roles within a project team?

15:10: This is why focusing on your skills before relying on tools is essential to doing your job well.

22:50: Pei gives some tips to those looking to become a Business Analyst.

29:50: How can entry-level individuals stand out in the BA role, and what are the core skills they should practice?

37:05: As with any situation involving teamwork and communication, making assumptions is the kryptonite to well-run projects.

39:50: Pei discusses her favorite part of being a BA.

42:00: Here’s one piece of advice for anyone who wants to become a Salesforce Business Analyst.

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