Community Advice for Your Salesforce Journey

What is one piece of advice that has helped you at a hard point in your Salesforce journey? 


Calling all #Salesforce Professionals 📣📣  We want to help spread the word! So we polled the Talent Stacker Community. Here is what they said: 


That it’s ok to take a brain break and come back to the problem/issue/concept and tackle it from another angle. {Ann-Marie Chilton}


One piece of advice that has helped me is to remember that it is okay to slow down a take your time when studying for my admin certification. Also I have found setting a bunch of small goal helps me stay focused on the bigger goal. {Bradley Benton}


The accountability that comes from studying for the exam with a small group is way understated and underated. Knowing that you’re not alone and that you have people encouraging you (and struggling with you) is so key when going through the certification admin trail. You don’t have to do it alone! {Orlando Barros}


My #1 tip would be to take breaks, you can only stuff so much new information into your head. However, close #2 is to work on different modes of learning. If you get tired of doing the trailhead, watch a few videos instead, or take a sample test/use flash cards. Or poke around in your org on your own .. i.e., do more SF but in a different mode. {Esmail Bonakdarian}


One tip would be do not expect to understand the material right away and practice. {Eric Alldritt}


It can be overwhelming. Allow yourself some time to learn. Also don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own journey. 🙂 {Amanda Carbonell}


Don’t be afraid to reach out to the  hashtag#Ohana !!!” If you need help with something, say something! Nobody can help unless you ask. Somebody in the community will most likely have an answer for you. If not, then we can figure it out together… {Larry Lee}


Don’t give up after failing the Salesforce Admin Exam. 💪 Remember, a few months ago you knew 0% about being a Salesforce Admin, and now you know 50% or 60%! 📈 That’s amazing progress and something to be proud of. ✨ {Kimberly Perez}


Network, network, network!! {Amanda Mentgen}


“It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.” I’ve heard Bradley Rice say this many times. When I find myself getting anxious or overwhelmed I remember this advice and remind myself to enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination. {Wendy Miller}


To not give up just because it’s not easy. “You didn’t come this far to only come this far” {Rebecca Nance}


Take a break! {Martina Maven}


Never ever give up!! Keep working hard and take a break in between!! {Ritika Gupta}


Stay the course. Daily life is always going to get in the way and may unexpectedly throw you off track. Just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid to get information from other resources. Someone else may explain something in a way that turns that 💡on for you. Which in turn, provides you with the momentum and confidence to keep moving forward. {Angela LeMarr}


One piece of advice that has helped me through the hardest parts of my journey into the ecosystem is to “learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.” I have really leaned into the things that make me uncomfortable or feel overwhelmed and it has paid off. Every. Single. Time. {Brianna Moore}


Having long term goal for going into the Salesforce journey and keeping that goal in mind can help motivate you through a rough patch and help keep your priorities straight. I also completely agree with other sentiments expressed already: pace yourself, take breaks when you need it, and remember that your journey is unique therefore not comparable to any other person’s journey. So easy to say, but, at times, so hard to do! {Barbara Polilli}


My #1 piece of advice is to not get overwhelmed by how many great resources there are, and to take it one bite at a time! There’s: trailhead, FoF, Talenstacker, Udemy courses from several amazing creators, Dave Masseys new GFC. Find something and just make a little progress. {Tyler Golde}


Not every single aspect of Salesforce is going to be easy or exciting. Depending on your personal preferences, some things will be fun and some things won’t. But don’t start questuoning your Salesforce journey if you are working through a skill or module you are struggling with. Keep on learning and push through. You’ll eventually get back to one that lights you up. {Annie Donahue}


If you have failed the exam keep trying and use a different method for studying. Try doing more hands-on while you tackle an area and understand it before moving on. {Cheryl Hafer}


Everybody has a different way of learning new things. Some learn fast and some take a longer time. It is ok to take a more time and study at the pace you are comfortable with. It is not a Sprint but a Marathon, Yes everybody wants to win the Marathon but let your goal be to finish the Marathon. {Vijay Wadehra}


If you get stuck on a difficult problem, take a break and approach it from a different angle. {Raymond Gutierrez}


Do not give up and coupled with that find an accountability group if possible. A study group is a great place to start. {Adil Siddiqui}


Advice that has helped in my Salesforce journey is to not give up and most importantly do not compare your journey to others. {Rosa Hernandez}


For exam prep, I always recommend hand written flash cards! Really helped me pass the admin exam. Also, take a night/day off here and there to recharge. And besides those rest days, do something that makes you 1% better today than yesterday. {Adam Crotts}


When I have a hard time commuting to learning SF, I stop and listen to one of talent stackers YouTube videos or podcasts. Bradley and his team offer lots of examples and guidance through their SF. Plus they make it entertaining! {Adam Reeves}


Bradley Rice I would say, starting out can be the hardest step for many, and don’t be afraid to start💫 SHOW UP and say, “I’m new and I’m here to learn and grow.” Many a times we are hesitant to say, “We don’t know,” but this  hashtag #Ohana  is always about growing and learning and supporting one another. We are all at different stages of learning, no matter how many certifications we do or don’t have 🤩 {Amber Kulesza}


Reach out to other salesforce people – either those at your level or who are on the path you want to be. Everyone I’ve met in the SF ecosystem has been EXTREMELY helpful and open, and willing to share time or advice as needed. We all start from somewhere, and we’re all on the same highway in perhaps different lanes, we can get there together! {Kate Wade}


“It is a marathon not a sprint”. It can be overwhelming at times but do NOT give up. Agree with above comments very important to take breaks and start again. {Fermisk S.}


My one piece of advise is to stay organized and to create a study plan where each day you are taking small steps towards developing Salesforce skills. I started with using Trailhead to identify which career route I wanted to work towards. I then identified which skills were necessary and created a study plan to learn these skills. I try to dedicate 1 hour each day to learning these skills. {Caroline Reynolds}


Ask for advice! From what I’ve experienced, EVERYONE within the SF ecosystem is more than happy to share their wisdom. If you get stuck or aren’t sure where to start, ask for help! You are not alone and the community can be your greatest asset! {Scarlett Anderson}


My one piece of advice is to join a study group right away after joining Talent Stacker. I was very hesitant to join one when I first started but am so thankful I did. My study group is amazing. We motivate each other to continue progressing, we celebrate our victories together, and we are there for each other when we are feeling defeated. {Regina Lawson}


I am not alone! When I want to cry and give up, I log onto the page and post something. Sooooo many people respond with the same feelings and give great suggestions on how I can get through the point I’m stuck with. Just keep forging on. You’ll start to notice things are starting to click ever so slowly. {Donna Guimond}


You’ve only failed when you give up. Find the gap and fill it with as much knowledge as you can. {John Tseng}


Stick with it and don’t give up. Life is hard and jobs are stressful, but keep learning and moving forward. Make a plan to study and stick to it! {Kenah Kennedy}


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