Artificial Intelligence and its role in your Salesforce Career | Ep 046

We’re back from our (very brief) break to bring you some good news – more episodes are to come! For today’s show, we’ll finally be addressing the thing everyone’s been talking about: AI. And who better to tackle this subject with than Salesforce GPT and AI expert, Mark Good?

Join us today as Brad, Anita, and Mark highlight what you need to know about AI in Salesforce right now, including its practical applications, the changes it’ll bring to Salesforce careers across the board, and some of the resources you can use to make sure you’re prepared.

Handy Timestamps

4:00: Some good-to-knows about the AI Associate Certification: what is it, who should take it, and how can it be applied

8:20: Mark highlights how his training program can help you hit the ground running.

12:00: Should we be waiting for Salesforce’s official stamp of approval before starting?

18:10: Preparing yourself and your org for AI

25:00: Is AI affecting the job market, and how will it affect the future?

32:20: Mark explains how the transition into AI will shape the economy.

33:30: Free resources to get up to speed with

34:40: If you’re still nervous or uncomfortable at the idea of AI becoming a bigger part of your life, this section is for you.

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