The Main Salesforce Roles, Explained | Ep 035

Admins, analysts, and developers, oh my! Figuring out which Salesforce role to go after first is tricky business if you don’t know what you’re after. Looking to kickstart your career in Salesforce but are unsure about what each role entails? Struggling to find something that aligns with your personality? Then this episode is for you!

In the first part of this miniseries, Brad and Anita break down the core roles in Salesforce so you can choose your career path with confidence. We also offer some advice for those looking to land their first job. Stay tuned for our upcoming Day in a Life episodes for a closer look at what we covered today!


Handy Timestamps

2:45: Brad and Anita give a quick overview of the Salesforce Administrator role.

8:15: If the Admin role doesn’t have to be my first choice, what can? Here’s the breakdown of what we think are the three core competencies.

16:20: Instead of a high paycheck, this is what you should look for in your first job.

21:15: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you don’t have to meet the job requirements to qualify for the job. Brad and Anita discuss what job search strategies really work.

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