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Salesforce 5 Day Challenge - Coming to You LIVE!

Are you looking to jumpstart your life with a Salesforce career, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you are already in the ecosystem and want to share the Ohana with your friends and family? Heard about the Salesforce 5 Day Challenge – but you just don’t have that kind of time?


Well today is your lucky day…


Team Talent Stacker will be coming in hot for the #SF5Challenge Live! We are smashing the whole 5 Day Challenge into a jam-packed, interactive, epic session to get you on your way and on your Salesforce journey. 


Topics We Will Cover:

  • What is Salesforce and how you can break into the ecosystem. 
  • Embarking on the Trail and getting set up with a Trailhead account. 
  • Polishing Your Brand and navigating LinkedIn.
  • Where do you go from here? And other Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Giveaway Raffle for Participants!!

Register Today - June 22, 2022

Open to all who are interested in a Salesforce Career!

Each session maxes at 500 ppl so don’t wait to register! Only need to register for one session.

Questions? Connect with us at [email protected]

Key Features of the Lead Magnet

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Salesforce Certification

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Personal Branding

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Volunteer Experience

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What You Will Get Out of the Lead Magnet.

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Secondary Supporting Value Props for the Lead Magnet

Jiyaad Naeem

Before I met Brad and Talent Stacker I thought I needed 5+ certifications but I only had 1, after only 35 days in the program I landed a job doubling my income for a prominent tech company by following the program guidance! I landed my dream job and couldn’t be more excited!

Salesforce admin at


Josey Kelley

I saw a program testimonial of someone who landed a job in just 6 weeks and I was thinking “How did you do that in a month!” , but now I guess I’m one of those people. Before I knew it I had a job offer. We have this amazing program to guide us step by step and I can only imagine what I would be doing now without Talent Stacker!

Salesforce admin at
Devana solutions


Heather Rhoden

I more than doubled my income in 3.5 months! I’m in shock! I’m so grateful for Talent Stacker

Salesforce Admin at
Emocha Health

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